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Experienced and satisfying
printing services

We've been working with about 3,700 global clients in the last 10 years,
producing over 270 million copies.
With the know-how gained from that experience, we provide our customers
with satisfactory printing services as follows.
  • 01Affordable Printing price
  • 02Provide various High-quality paper
  • 03Selectable Proof Method
  • 04Special order available
  • 05Free sample service

Affordable Printing price

Printsquare has a large number of printing machines and
our own printing technology & skill.

Therefore, We can offer the high-quality books
to our customers at an affordable price

Now use Printsquare to make your books with economical price !

  • Sample Specification
  • Perfect Binding (8.5 x 11")
  • Cover : Gloss 250gsm (Full color)
  • Inside Paper : Gloss 110gsm (Full color)
  • 100 pages

Standard currency : USD

Company 'P'
Quantity Price Price/Copy
1,000 copies $8,201 $8.2
5,000 copies $39,645 $7.93
10,000 copies $75,000 $7.5
50,000 copies $360,000 $7.2
100,000 copies $710,000 $7.1
Quantity Price Price/Copy
1,000 copies $3,050 $3.05
5,000 copies $7,220 $1.44
10,000 copies $12,460 $1.25
50,000 copies $58,730 $1.17
100,000 copies $116,010 $1.16
Company 'D'
Quantity Price Price/Copy
1,000 copies $6,061 $6.06
5,000 copies $30,303 $6.06
10,000 copies $57,000 $5.7
50,000 copies $285,000 $5.7
100,000 copies $570,000 $5.7

* If you place an order mass copies, we recommend Ocean shipping/ Split delivery. Then, you can use our service with lower delivery price

Provide various High-quality paper

Printsquare offers a total 19 different paper
materials and thicknesses and colors.

Create your own style of book with the variety of
paper that Printsquare offers!

If you want watch the paper sample?

Selectable Proof Method

Printsquare offers a total of two types of proofing methods for an efficient proofing process as follows.

  • 01E-Proof
  • Proceed with the proofing through the proof file.
    It's free and you can complete the proofing process quickly.
  • 02Digital-Proof
  • Print the file uploaded by the customer directly to the digital printer
    to proceed with the proofing process.
    You can see the actual proof, but it takes cost and time.

Special order available

Would you like to make a special book other than the Quote we provide?
Don't worry about it.
Please describe the book you want using the Custom Quote.
A print specialist at Printsquare will help you with your book.
If you want to make special book?

Free sample service

Are you curious about the texture of the paper or the quality of the book
you want before ordering?

Please send the type of book, paper, and contact information below.
Then, We provide a free sample books for our customers to trust our brand.
If you want to receive a sample book, please provide desired book specification and contact information.

Email :

# #

We provide
the Specialized delivery services
for fast & safe delivery process.

Printsquare offers flexible delivery services.
If you want to receive your order quickly, we recommend the Air express.
Also, We offer Ocean shipping services to those who want to cheap delivery even
if the order is large or takes a little longer
Plus, You can choose the shipping method and quantity you want, so you can
customize it to suit your needs.

And we provide latest delivery status through continuous tracking service.
Now, Get the best delivery service with Printsquare!

  • Air Delivery, Ocean shipping can be selected
  • Partial shipping available
  • Direct mailing service
  • Professional delivery issue handling service

Printsquare assists you
in every time, every process.

Printsquare is with customers in every moment from ordering to delivery.
Our print experts provide file proofing services for perfect product
until your project starts printing process, and when delivery begins,
we provide you with the latest shipping information through continuous tracking services.

And you don't have to worry at all if there are any issues
such as loss or damage after receiving the product.

Our customer service staff will immediately provide you with the best solution.
Make your book comfortably with special service provided by Printsquare.

  • Layout guide/Tutorial available
  • File proofing service
  • Continuous delivery notification service
  • Professional product issue handling service
  • Professional delivery issue handling service


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Customer Service



[Update] Printsquare's Homepage has been RE-DESIGNED !

Dear, Client.Printsquare has re-formed the homepage to make it more convenient for the client to place an order and to make it easier to understand the advantage of Printsquare.We promise that we will approach you with better service and price with the new homepage.Now make your book easy and convenient with Printsquare.Printsquare always be with you !Thank youBest RegardsPrintsquare

08. 23. 2023

[Update] Order Price Increase Notice

Dear Print Square customers,   From September 1st, paper prices have increased steeply by 22% and logistics costs have also increased in S.Korea. We wanted to provide our customers with excellent quality and reasonable prices, but for the above reasons, we have decided to inevitably increase the total order price by 10% from September 22nd. Please kindly understand in this regards. However, we promise that we will provide more better service to meet customer's expectations.   Thank you Best Regards   Print Square    

09. 27. 2022